About The Ink Bureau

The Ink Bureau is a freelance writing and editing studio.

It’s occupied by people who are fascinated by stories and precious about words – in a good way.

We don’t like it when words are misused and maltreated. When good words get seen by the wrong people. And when bad ones are let loose on the world. 


Why choose The Ink Bureau

Because you’re not interested in cliches

Your organisation isn’t the same as all the others so why on earth should your words be?

Because you want to work with a startup, not an upstart

The Ink Bureau is young and small but it’s been built by people with plenty of experience.

Because you’re looking for people who can write, not talk

The Ink Bureau is a snake-oil free zone.

Because you want our undivided attention

We’re not juggling dozens of “accounts”, which means you get great service. Full stop.

Our clients

Over the years, we’ve worked with everyone from sole traders and brand new businesses to some of Australia’s most prestigious universities and the country’s largest bus body manufacturer.

Find out about some of our most recent work at The Ink Bureau Archives:

Think you need Ink?